Tree in a box - probably the best gift in the world!

Discover an extensive collection of gift ideas that will inspire and delight everyone. Choose from our selection of large and small tree planting kits, seed pencils, seeds in envelopes, seed balls, sprouted oak trees, and various other personalized natural gifts.

A tree in a box will be suitable for any occasion - for birthdays, Christmas, or simply to show care for your friends, parents, colleagues and bosses. Environmentally and nature-friendly, all gifts are handmade right here in Latvia from natural materials and promote a sustainable lifestyle. In the case of multiple gifts, we will adjust the design to your wishes and gift boxes will be unique and personalized. These gifts encourage active recreation in nature, teach you to get to know the environment and take care of it.


Seed ball

The seeds of various trees are mixed in a clay compost mixture and dried. Essentially, the seed is "pre-planted" and can be sown by dropping the seed ball anywhere suitable for that plant species.

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This is a very special writing instrument, it is a wooden pencil with a capsule containing wood seeds instead of an eraser. When the pencil has lived its life, you simply "stick" it with the capsule first in the soil, water it and a new stick will sprout in a few weeks.

Tree seeds in a cardboard box

In this gift box you will find everything to grow your own tree. Choose one of the trees growing in Latvia: Linden , Birch , Spruce , Pine , Larch , Cedar pine , Black Alksnis and Ash . You will find seeds, a clay pot, a pad, soil and instructions in all the boxes in the Koks kaset. Boxes are 10x10x10cm in size.

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Seeds in a mini box

This mini box is different from the usual size - it is a 65mm cube and weighs only 40 grams. It contains seeds, peat tables, a peat pot and a tutorial.

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Send a tree by mail!

This special letter contains a card with instructions and seeds of your chosen tree in an envelope. All you have to do is find a pot, fill it with black soil, plant seeds in it, and after some years you will have your own big tree.

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The whole forest in your pocket.

TreeBox – a small box with six types of tree seeds. Each box contains seeds to grow approximately 250 trees.

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Each of us, while walking past our oak tree, has thought: "should that tree be watered or not" . The acornman will definitely know the exact soil moisture level that your oak tree or any other indoor plant needs.

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The Oak tree in a pot

It will be the best and most original gift for any holiday, a memorable gift for wedding guests as well as an unforgettable surprise for cooperation partners and colleagues.

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Oak in wooden pot

Choose the color of the pot and laser engraving - and maybe tomorrow you can have the best gift in the world!

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Seeds in wooden pot

This pot is made from a single piece of wood, preserving the grain. Each pot is made from a different part of the tree, so no two pots are the same, each will have its own characteristics and appearance and branch locations.

Seeds in wooden pot
  • Stable and heavy with handle

    Can be used for cutting and serving, and due to its weight it will hold a glass of wine firmly on a sofa.

  • Fired - for serving

    Burned oak, dried for 8 years in a deep black shade color. This board is intended for serving, as the black coal coating may scratch off when cut with a knife.

  • For use in both small and large kitchens

    We offer to engrave your slogan / logo / wish on the board, as well as add a leather handle in various ways.

  • A clay lamp with a candle

    A unique candle holder to add a romantic touch to any situation.

  • Oak leaf wind chimes

    Wind chimes are made of white clay oak leaves, thought rings and dream beads strung on cotton string.

  • Clay lamp with bulb

    Romantic lamp with LED bulb, can be used as a candleguard or a vase for dried flowers.

  • Lielā koka kaste aizvērta

    Big gift box

    An original and tasteful gift suitable for a grandfather, a friend or a boss.

  • Sauna set

    A sauna set in a cardboard tube with an oak branch sauna broom, a woolen hat and a glove that will last for many years.

  • Oaks and lindens

    In summer, you can order approximately 70..90 cm oak trees in 20 cm clay pots, and 2m high oak trees in 30cm clay pots


Delivery all over Europe

We can send all products to the countries of the European Union. We do not send tree seeds to other countries, islands and outside the continent.