The big oak

You can buy approx. 70..90 cm long oak trees in 20 cm clay pots from us until summer solstice (and a little after) .

The oaks are 3.5 years old (young), you can still plant them this year near your house.

Weight with pot and soil about 5kg.

Until comes a tutorial with a description of the oak tree, as well as where and how best to plant it.

Age: 6 years | Height: 150-200cm | Pot: Clay, 30cm | Weight: Very heavy

It is preferable to immediately plant these oaks in the open air, because large oak trees need a lot of light and moisture. Opinions differ about the planting time, some foresters recommend planting in the spring as soon as the soil thaws, while others say it is better to do it in the fall. But in our opinion, it is safer that the tree will manage to grow well if it is planted from May to July.

90 cm oak

Age: 3 years

Height: 70-90cm

Pot: Clay, 20cm

Weight: ~5kg

Buy oak

It is placed in a dug hole, which is as deep as the seedling has grown so far, oaks do not like to be placed deeper, then it will not grow well and may die. When transplanting, it is preferable to damage the small lateral roots as little as possible and not to dry them (they start to dry in the wind within 5 minutes).

Oak is an indiscriminate tree, it can grow both in poor and fertile turf soil and in dunes, but it likes loamy soil best. It should be planted in moist soil, not too wet, so that oxygen can also reach the roots.

The appearance of the oak differs from the one shown in the picture, but we promise that all our trees will be just as beautiful. These seedlings have been grown outdoors, of course they can be brought indoors for a couple of weeks (they need to be watered and the leaves sprayed with water), but they will like it best in the fresh air on a well-lit balcony or terrace. It is preferable to transplant them in the open air in the next year, in your country house or in the middle of your meadow, and there they will have a place to spread and grow.