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Grown oak tree in a wooden pot

Grown oak tree in a wooden pot

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Laser engraving

This is a real Oak tree in a wooden pot.

It will be the best gift for holidays, John or Liga, a memorable gift for wedding guests or Ozolins family, As well as an unforgettable surprise for partners and colleagues.

More about oaks ozols_izdidzis

This is a handmade pot. The size of it is the same as our cardboard boxes 95x95x95mm +/- 5mm. Inside there is a bioplastic pot where oak is planted. 

This wooden pot should be pre-ordered. If you need one or some, call and we may have the required number on the spot and can get it faster.

The pot can be laser engraved with your company logo or slogan. This pot is not packed in an extra box. The pots are soaked with linseed oil and can be ordered in different colors.

Each pot is made of another wood, so there are no two equal ones, each with its own characteristics and appearance, with different fiber patterns and branches. They may have small cracks that appear or disappear as a result of moisture changes. Laser engraving on each pot looks different depending on the thickness of the fibers and the hardness of the wood. All pots are different, but each is treated to look natural and beautiful.

Delivery is only possible with this for the lovely Ozolins with this product (cardboard tube) (Delivery outside Riga only in warm weather!)

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