A tree from a pencil or a wooden pencil?

This is a very special writing instrument, it is a wooden pencil with a capsule containing wood seeds instead of an eraser. When the pencil has lived its life, you simply "stick" it with the capsule first in the soil, water it, and in a few weeks a new stick will sprout. The seeds in the capsule can also be simply poured into the ground before the pencil is worn out.

These pencils can be filled with seeds from 5 different trees. Oak, Pine, Birch, Larch and Black Alder. By using this pencil, you will make several large trees grow.

The pencils are 180mm long and 7mm in diameter - a very good and comfortable size to make it easier to draw, to write longer and not tire your hand.

The capsule with seeds is made of a nature-friendly material that dissolves in contact with water, so this pencil should not be chewed :)

Pencils can be colored in different shades.

Just as we stain our wooden pots with EcoPaint natural linseed oil stains:
Swan White, Marigold Orange, Poppy Red, Bear Brown, Mint Green and Dove Grey.

An ordinary spruce is a single pine family conifer. A widespread species of tree plants in Latvia - second in the ordinary pine (Pinus sylvestris). The life expectancy of normal spruce is 200-300 years. It can reach up to 40 m in height.

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If you want, you can simply pour the seeds in the moss at the edge of the forest clearing in early spring and the seeds will know what to do next.

We can put not only tree seeds in pencils, but also: herbs, flowers, greens, pepper, mint, dill, strawberries, etc. whose seed size allows it to be placed in a pencil capsule.

Personalization of pencils

We can engrave a slogan, name or logo on this pencil. From the complexity of the engraving, it follows in which technology it can be done - as laser engraving or pad printing. As standard, the pencil comes with a 70x200mm card, this card can be personalized with your design or company style. You can choose a larger size or combine it with an opening greeting card.

  • Minimum number

    Prices starting from: 1.99 €

    To receive special prices, the minimum order quantity is 50 units.

  • Personalization

    Laser engraving +0.80€/pc

    Personalized card +€1.00/pc

    Staining of pencils +1.00€/pc

  • Due date

    We pack the pencils right here in Latvia, so the deadlines are very fast. Usually, everything is ready within a couple of working days after the sketches are agreed.

In case of different wishes, the price may change, as well as the order fulfillment and delivery times depending on the season. Therefore, please contact us to find out the exact price, terms and options.

Send us an e-mail to kokskaste@kokskaste.lv or call 20252217.