The oak tree

(Quercus robur L.)

A tree of the beech family with a broad, gnarled crown. The longest-lived tree species in Latvia (up to 500 years). Grows to a height of 35m. Bark gray, cracked. The leaves are tufted and lobed (5-15cm x 3-6cm). Fruit - an acorn (up to 3 cm), unripe - green, ripe - greenish-brown or brown. Blooms in May, acorns ripen in September. A species widely found in Europe. In Latvia, often throughout the territory. Found in forests, riverbanks, ravines, isolated trees in various agricultural lands and cultivated landscapes. One of the industrially most valuable trees in Latvia.

Oak trees can be grown, for example, on the balcony by transplanting them into a sufficiently deep, large pot. The bigger the pot you plant the oak, the bigger it will grow. Trees growing in the room will remain green for up to 9 months a year, then they will drop their leaves, but in the sun on the windowsill they will be new again after a few months. It is better to transplant oak trees outdoors when they have grown in a pot, in this way ensuring that someone eats the small seedling.

If the tree is planned to be planted in the open air, then after the frost, which is around the middle of June, it would be preferable to keep the small seedling outside so that it gets used to life in the open air. If the stick is taken outside, it should be placed in a place inaccessible to frost for the winter, but it should not be brought back into the heat.

Those growing indoors should be watered once every two or three days, those growing outside should be watered as needed.

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A box of acorns

Acorn kits are available for purchase from October to February. A cardboard box with a clay pot in which acorns have already been planted. Acorns are one of those seeds that must not dry out and must not rot, therefore they must be kept in a special environment and acorns already planted in the soil and starting to germinate are packed in a box. Therefore, the box should be opened within 2 weeks of receipt, watered and exposed to sunlight.

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Clay pot

Oak trees like to grow best in clay pots. We pack this pot in a cardboard box.

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Wooden pot

In special cases, you can choose a wooden pot, then you can make a laser engraving and finish it in the shade of your choice.

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Bigger oak tree

Around summer solstice, 2-year-old oak seedlings are available, we offer them in 12cm cardboard pots.

Bigger oak tree

Acorns in a pot

If you want to watch how an acorn sprouts from an acorn, then this will be the most suitable set of acorns! But take into account acorns sprouting available only from October to February.

A box of acorns