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Koks kaste

Wooden pencil with wood seeds

Wooden pencil with wood seeds

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A tree
Laser engraving

This is a very special pencil, it is made out of wood and has a capsule with seeds of various trees instead of eraser.

When the pencil has written everything - simply "insert" it with the capsule in the soil, water it and there will be sprouts few weeks later. The seeds, of course, can simply be poured out of the capsule to the ground.

The seed capsule is made of environmentally friendly material that dissolves in contact with the water, so dot chew it! :)

Pencils are ~175mm long and ~7mm in diameter (standard pencil size)

In these pencils you can place 5 different tree seeds. Spruce, pine, birch, larch and black alder.

More about the pencil ...

This product/price is for one or a few pencils if you want multiple pencils with personalization, card or special color - please contact us for

This pencil will be with the seeds of your chosen wood and a small card of 7x20cm. When choosing a laser engraving, take into account that the area can be engraved 60x4mm - i.e. No more than 3-4 words in a single line, or logo if it's not too complicated.

If you want to order a larger number of pencils, please contact us.

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