Big gift box

An original and tasteful gift suitable for a grandfather, a friend or a boss. Choose one of Latvian tree seeds or a mixed tree forest.

The large wooden box is made of glued and stained Latvian veneer plywood with metal hinges and closure. The Tree in a Box symbol - Oak - is engraved on the lid of the box. The internal size of the box is slightly larger than a sheet of A4 paper with a removable wooden insert that is adapted exactly to the items in the box and keeps them in place. The insert is removable so that after the items are used up, the box can be used for other purposes, such as storing very important documents.

In the big box:

  • Seeds
  • Soil in a linen bag
  • Clay pot
  • Clay tray
  • Blade - plastic or metal
  • Instructions and of course a wooden box

A forest of mixed trees

In this box, the seeds of a specific tree can be replaced with a set of seeds from all trees. Let's call it "Mixed Tree Forest".

In this case, the box will contain: seeds of all (eight) trees with instructions for use.

Order the big box
  • The drum

    The content depends on the particular type of wood. Acorns are stored in a special liquid to prevent them from drying out. Pine and spruce seeds come with gravel to be poured on top of the black soil.

  • Linen bag

    The bag contains soil suitable for the specific seeds. For larger editions, the bag can be personalized.

  • Spatula

    If the box is planned to be carried by plane in hand luggage, then a plastic spatula should be chosen. In other cases, you can choose metal one.

  • Acornman

    The spatula can be replaced with acornman "Zīļuks"

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For a large box, the lid can be engraved, but because of the grain of the wood, smooth display and delicate objects cannot be guaranteed. Laser engravers can be painted in a lighter color. For better visibility, a light veneer plate can be attached. A logo can be engraved on the edges of the pot in the box.