Acornman "Zīļuks"

Your indoor plant keeper

The Acornman will look after indoor plants and help you get to understand and tell you to water them or water them or what else they need to grow big and pretty. The acorn knows very well all about the oaks, how much light they need for photosynthesis, maybe put them in a lighter place, and whether it is time to add extra fertilizer to the soil. Or maybe on the windowsill the stick is too cold in the winter.

What can the acornman will tell you

You can connect to the "Zīļuks" using a special application by Bluetooth connection. The acornman measures all paramaters once an hour, and until you connect to it, keep the following data in his memory: 

  1.   Air temperature, ° C
  2.   Soil moisture, %
  3.   The amount of soil nutrients, US/cm
  4.   The amount of light, lux

If you are not sure whether your oak tree is ok, the acornman will definitely tell you.

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Light sensor and indication lamp. Take care that the leaves of the plant are not in front of this sensor, otherwise the lighting readings will be inaccurate.

Temperature sensor opening. When watering the plant, try not to spill water on the acornman, for sure that nothing will happen, but the water can enter the housing at the battery.

Here is a battery behind the cap. For the first time, the acornman battery has a protective film, to turn it on - the protective film should be removed. With one CR2032 battery, the acornman will run for at least half a year.

Zīļuka cap. To get to the battery, this cap should be carefully removed from the bottom, the cap is quite sting so use a small solid object.

It is not desirable to insert the acornman into the soil deeper than marks, otherwise, moisture can get to electronics.

Acornman legs. They are inserted into the soil next to the plant to look at. If the soil is solid and the puppet should be pressed into the ground with force, it is desirable to slightly shake the soil so the roots of the plant will get more air.

Soil moisture and mineral sensors. These sensors measure the resistance, capacity and conductivity of the soil, thus determining the amount of water and minerals.

*The Acornman is for use only indoors - He is not water resistant and should not be watered or left in the rain.

How to start using?

To start running, requires Android or iPhone smartphone with Bluetooth connection and Internet access. On smartphone open GooglePlay or AppStore store and find the "Flower Care" application.

Make sure you have removed the battery protective film, now the acornman is waiting for the smartphone to connect to it. At the time of adding, the smartphone should be very close to acornman. It is possible that the first time the acornman will ask to update its software, it is necessary to do so without going too far away from the acornman. After successful pairing, choose the type of plant by typing in the search box for your plant name in English or Latin. In the case of Oak type "OAK" and the application will find and add all the necessary data. Enter your plant's name and clicks "Save", the acornman begins to look after your plant.

  • Available on both Apple iPhone and Android smartphones

  • Opening the application on the first screen shows all the attached acornmans. An unlimited number of puppets can be added to the Flower Care application.

  • When choosing one of them, the application connects and copies all the historical data stored in it. You can now view the soil data at a given moment.

  • You can see how the plant has gone in the previous days on a specific date or month.

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Acornman is able to look after about ~900 plant species

Of course, acornman likes to take care of the oaks, but it provides information on about 900 plants with their descriptions. You will definitely find your flower there too. The application will help you understand how to better care for it, what it needs and know if you do it right and time.

The puppet will help your flower blossom with lots of gorgeous and large flowers.

The acorn packed brown, a recycled cardboard box with a tutorial and is put in a brown paper bag.

Acornman boxes can be personalized for your company.

The number of acornmans are limited, so please ask if several are needed.