Siberian cedar

(Pinus sibirica DU TOUR)

A tree with a conical crown up to 20m high, dark green needles and up to 13cm cones. The seeds are about 10 mm long, can be used in food because they contain up to 50% high-quality oil. It grows wild in the northeastern part of European Russia, the Urals and Siberia. In Latvia, it is found quite often in parks (more in Latgale) and urban vegetation. Decorative, fast-growing and winter-hardy species.

Siberian pine (P. sibirica) began to be cultivated in the forests and parks of Latvia in the 19th century. at the end (the most important plantations in Naujene and Kurmene). The Korean pine (P. koraiensis; 5 needles each, blue-green, 7-15 cm long) is beautiful and durable, which, like the Klinšukalni pine (Pc ontorta var. latifolia; reaches 20 m in height in Latvia) and the Murray pine (P. murrayana; trial cultures in Bauska, Tals, Ugāle, Kuldīga) from North America, Latvia could be of forestry importance.

More and more cedar saplings are also being grown. Before sowing, the seeds should be pickled and, if necessary, painted to protect against birds. It is recommended to sow in narrow (2-3 cm) seedbeds; this makes it easier to combat the weevil. To stimulate germination, seeds for 24 hours. soaked in copper or cobalt sulfate solution (100 mg/l). Seeding depth 1-1.5 cm. Dry seeds germinate in 2-3 weeks in normal weather, but in extreme conditions (excessive dryness, excess moisture, low temperature) the duration of germination can even be doubled. If on the 8th - 10th day after sowing, when the seeds start to wilt, there is a drought, watering is mandatory, and it should be continued until massive seed germination. If the air temperature exceeds 30°C, the sprouts should be shaded.

Cedar trees should be planted as early as possible in the spring. When afforesting new clearings, planting material. must be treated with insecticides to protect against weevils. Cedars must be carefully cared for, because in the shade the sticks quickly become cold, they are more threatened by weevils, and in winter by mouse-like rodents. Cedars are protected against forest animals by fencing them or using repellents.

* Cedar pine seeds are ~10mm long nuts. There are about 3,000 seeds in one kilogram.

In this 10cm box

  • Seeds
  • Soil
  • Clay pot
  • Clay tray
  • Tutorial
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Mini box

This mini box differs from the usual one in that it is smaller and weighs only 25 grams.

  • Boxes 65x65x65mm
  • Seeds for a tree of your choice
  • Peat tablets
  • A paper pot
  • Tutorials

All you have to do is remove and moisten the peat tablet, plant the seeds in it, and years later you will have your own tree.

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