Tree in a letter

In this special letter there is a card with instructions and the seeds of your chosen tree in the envelope. All you have to do is find a pot, fill it with soil, plant seeds in it and after many years you will have your own big tree.

We can put any of the 8 tree seeds in the envelope:
Birch, Linden, Ash, Larch, Spruce, Pine, Black Alder and Siberian Cedar.
Unfortunately, we cannot put the oak in the envelope.

All you have to do is indicate to whom to send, choose the seeds of tree and we will send this letter. If you want to send to several different recipients - order the required number of envelopes and send a list of addresses to

Remember - some countries have different restrictions on receiving seeds, these envelopes are intended for Baltic countries, for sending to other countries please contact us.

What you will find in the envelope

The envelope contains:

  • Card with info about tree and user manual.
  • Tree seeds.

Cards and envelopes can be personalised.

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