All our products can be personalized!

We will find the best and most cost-effective way of personalization for each box, pencil or package, guided by your wishes or company identity guidelines. We personalize all the products ourselves on the spot here in Latvia, so the process is quick - within a couple of days we coordinate the sketches and after a few more days you have a ready product.

Paper belt around the box

The simplest and most visible form of personalization is to customize the ribbon design to your liking.

Below are some examples of completed works:

User manual personalization

Each box and each product comes with instructions on how to sow the seeds and how to care for them - we also personalize these instructions. The possibilities are endless, can be in multiple languages, in any design, size and format.

Here are some examples below:

Screen printing

In case of a larger number, the printing on the box can be done in Screen Printing. Costs depend on the quantity - starting from ~1€ for each color, minimum edition 100 pcs.

You can use all 6 visible sides of the box when creating your design. Front (1), Sides (2 and 3), Back (4), Top (5) and Bottom (6).

A card can be added to the box

  • a separate pendant
  • greeting card

Different recipient names or different greetings for friends or clients can be digitally printed on the card. We will calculate the price depending on the total number of boxes, card type, size, material and printing.

Pot with your logo

In order for your logo to remain even after removing the packaging, it can be printed on the pot using pad printing or laser engraving.

Price starting from 2.5€/pc. The minimum edition for pad printing is 50 pieces, for laser engraving 15 pieces.

Delivery time approximately 2-5 working days.

Personalised paper bag

In addition to products, we offer to buy personalized bags, brown or white paper.

The bag can be covered with adhesive film, printed with the screen printing method or stamped using the same stamp that we used for the personalization of the boxes.

Price +1€ for a bag with stamp (+stamp price)
or +2€ for a screen-printed bag (one color on one side).

Multiple products

For a complete set, you can combine several products personalized in a single style.

For example: Mini box + Pencil or Pencil with card + Treebox

Ask and we will create a solution so that you have a gift like no other!

The picture shows a few years old oak trees in 12 cm cardboard pots. The pots are wrapped with a personalized paper tape and laser-cut veneer notes with the company logo.