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Sauna Set

Sauna Set

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Glove and hat

Sauna set in cardboard tube.

Sauna brushes: neat oak branch bath brush for fragrant, durability and strength. Gentle birch brush - energy, indispensable aromatic eucalyptus brush or bamboo for multiple use.

Sauna aromas: smell of forest, birch, eucalyptus or resin.

Glove and hat: A simpler lightweight linen hat and glove to withstand the hot sauna longer, or a neat wool hat and a glove that will last for many years.

All this is placed in a cardboard tube, which can also be personalized. In case of personalization please add Personalization of products. 

Or better contact us for best solutions.

The set consists of: tube, brush, glove, hat, aroma.

(We place peppermint tea in the kit because we think it is best suited to the sauna, but if you want another, write it down in the comment by making a purchase)

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