Birches (Betula) are a genus of deciduous trees, shrubs or semi-shrubs of the birch family (Betulaceae). Birches grow only in the Northern Hemisphere, that is, in Europe, Asia to the south of the Himalayas, and North America.

They are one of the most common trees in the territory of Latvia.


A genus of the birch family (Betulaceae). Evergreen monoecious trees and shrubs. The bark of the trunk is white. The leaves are entire or lobed, with a toothed margin, and are alternate. Flowers unisexual, collected in panicles. The spikes of male flowers are long, cylindrical, with 2-4 branches at the ends; formed in the summer of the previous year. Female flower panicles short, erect or drooping, 1–2 leaves in spikes; develops in spring from short-branched buds. Blooms during the flowering period. Pollinated by the wind. Fruit ~3mm long, flat two-winged nut. Enters VII-IX. Spread by the wind. 4 species in the wild in Latvia.

Birch groves occupy ~29% of the total area of ​​Latvian forests. The outdoor or warty birch (B. pendula syn. B. verrucosa) is more common. It is a light-demanding tree with white bark (that) which is ~20g. in old trees, starting from the bottom of the trunk, it turns into a black, thick crust. Branches drooping, thin, long, glabrous, warty (with lenticels). Leaves rhombic, glabrous, shiny. Propagated by seeds and stem cuttings. Grows better in loose, humus-rich soil. It is often sown in fallow areas, it can also be found in thickets in the middle of fields and forms a characteristic landscape of Latvia. Reaches a height of 30m. Life span ~150 years.

Birch seed size is ~3mm long, flat two-winged nut. They are shown enlarged in this picture. Birch seeds are very light, there are about 4,000,000 seeds per kilogram.

In this box

• Seeds
• Soil
• Clay pot
• Clay pad
• Tutorial

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Mini box

This mini box differs from the usual one in that it is about 2x smaller and weighs only 25 grams.

  • Boxes 65x65x65mm

  • Seeds for a tree of your choice

  • Peat tablets

  • A paper pot

  • Tutorials

All you have to do is remove and moisten the peat tablet, plant the seeds in it, and years later you will have your own tree. Unfortunately, due to the acorn's storage characteristics, we cannot put it in a mini box.

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