Seed ball

The seeds of various trees are mixed in a clay compost mixture and dried. Essentially, the seed is "pre-planted" and can be sown by dropping the seed ball anywhere suitable for that plant species. The seeds are safely stored until the time of germination. Seed balls are an easy and sustainable way to grow plants.

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The composition of the seed ball

We make seed bombs right here in Latvia. They contain a combination of mineral soil and compost. Depending on the type of seed, the seeds are mixed with the soil before forming the seed balls or placed individually in a moist seed ball. We carefully roll each seed ball by hand until it is perfect. The seed balls are then dried, providing a safe haven for the seeds until they germinate.

How to sow seed balls?

Gently press the seed ball into the soil about halfway. The seed ball can also be thrown at the edge of the forest or in a meadow. But take into account the type of seeds and the place where you plan to throw them. For example, forest tree seeds - in forest edges and places where they will be able to grow, instead of someone cutting them next spring. Flower seeds - in uncultivated meadows.


The packaging of our seed balls is customizable, they can be packed in a small recyclable brown paper bag, brown or white cardboard box. Nothing fancy, nothing to leave unnecessary pollution in nature.

  • Brown cardboard box

    65mm cardboard box, can be personalized by pasting with stickers or putting a stamp. For larger numbers, printing is possible.

  • A paper bag

    Brown paper bag, sealed with a sticker. The description is pasted with a sticker whose shape and size depends on the customer's wishes.

  • Printed box

    Printed 50mm small white cardboard box. The design is for the box from all sides.

  • Germination

    We purchase seeds from certified dealers with proven germination and make sure our seed balls have excellent viability.

  • The composition

    The composition of seed balls has already been tested in ancient Egypt and recognized as one of the easiest ways to provide seeds with a good environment for germination.

  • Seeds

    In the seed ball, you can choose different types of seeds - trees or meadow flowers. The amount of seeds in a ball depends on the requirements of the specific variety.


Do not throw seed bombs into other people's gardens or meadows.

When sowing the seed balls, the particularities of the specific environment are taken into account.

Seed bombs are quite hard and heavy - so throw them carefully, do not throw them at people, animals, vehicles and buildings.