(Tilia cordata Mill.)

Common linden (Tilia cordata) is a tree of the mallow family up to 30 m high with a wide crown.

Linden grows in forests, on river banks, on lake islands. It is also grown on roadsides and near populated areas. A good nectar plant. Infusions and teas are made from dried linden flowers. It is used as a diaphoretic agent for the treatment of inflammations of the upper respiratory tract and colds.

Linden (Tilia) - a genus of the linden family (Tiliaceae). Only common linden (T.cordata) grows wild in Latvia. It is an evergreen size 1 tree with a wide, deep root system, a relatively thick trunk and gray, fissured bark. Crown round or pyramidal. The leaves are pinnate, rounded heart-shaped, with a toothed edge and brown tufts of hair in the corners of the veins. Flowers pale yellow, fragrant, 5-9 in an inflorescence. On its stem, a tongue-shaped bract, which later becomes the wing of the fruit cluster. Blooms VI-VII. The fruit is a round or oblong nut, comes in X. The fruits are spread by the wind all winter. Mass of 1000 nuts 26-27 years old. In a forest stand, common linden begins to bloom in 25-30 years. aged, single growing trees - 15-20 years. age.

Common linden is found quite often in Latvia, especially in humus-rich soil. Reaches 35 m high. and 7 m in circumference. Life span 200-300 years. (The largest linden trees in Latvia are Valdemārpils Elku liepa Talsu district, Aucenieku dižliepa Kuldīgas district, Aužuli dižliepa Liepāja district) The total area of ​​pure stands of ordinary linden is 200-300 ha, it often grows in a thicket with other deciduous trees, especially with oak. In forests, it is usually found in the II floor and undergrowth. The wood is soft, light, usually white, without a darker core, with weakly expressed annual rings. It is used for the production of plywood, musical instruments, drawing boards, wood carvings.

In forests, common linden reproduces by stem shoots, less often by seeds. The flowers are used medicinally. A favorite greenery tree. The broad-leaved linden (T.platyphyllos), introduced from R-Europe, is often grown in the vegetation, which is an early blooming 1st year. a tree with a wide crown. The leaves and flowers are larger than the common linden. Very often, especially in alleys, Dutch linden (T.vulgaris), which is a hybrid of common linden and broad-leaved linden, is grown. ~10 linden species have been introduced in Latvia. Propagated by seeds, cuttings, as well as by grafting.

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The size of linden seeds is ~4-5 mm nut. They are shown enlarged in this picture. There are approximately 35,000 seeds in one kilogram.

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All you have to do is remove and moisten the peat tablet, plant the seeds in it, and years later you will have your own tree. Unfortunately, due to the acorn's storage characteristics, we cannot put it in a mini box.

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