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Moon light lantern - white clay candlestick

Moon light lantern - white clay candlestick

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This white clay lantern will be a decorative and functional addition to your home.
Place it on a bookshelf, coffee table or just on the floor, a unique candlestick to give any situation a romantic mood.
Our lanterns are handmade - from white clay with spots for light rays. The candlesticks are fired at a temperature of up to 1050° C for almost 10 hours and subsequently impregnated with linseed oil.
Each lantern of the moonlight is individual and special, there are no two equals, but we promise that they are all of good quality and meet your requirements, and will be a nice and useful accessory in your home.

This lantern is intended for use as a candle guard, it can also be used as a romantic lamp with the LED bulb (search for a lantern with a wooden LED lamp), and can be used as a vase for dried flowers.

The lantern height is about 290mm, diameter around 125mm.
Everything is wrapped as a gift - a recycled paper and a cardboard box filled with bio shockabsorbing material made of potato starch, so this clay candlestick can safely be sent around the world. Only natural materials (clay, paper, cotton) are used in the production of lanterns and packaging. The filling material can be poured into the sink and splashed with warm water and it will dissolve.

This product is sent with a candle - you will be able to use it immediately.

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