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AcornMan - A houseplant lookerer

AcornMan - A houseplant lookerer

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"Zīļuks" will look after indoor plants and help you understand them and tell you or water them or what else you need to know to grow big and pretty tree. "Zīļuks" (Acornman) knows everything about the oaks, how much light they need for photosynthesis, it will tell you to put them on the window sill or in a brighter place, as well to add some fertilizer to the soil. Or maybe there is too cold on the windowsill in the winter.

You can connect with a special application using your Bluetooth connection.

Measurements is taken once an hour and saved in his memory until the phone is connected:

  • Air temperature, ° C
  • Soil moisture, %
  • The amount of soil nutrients, US/cm
  • The amount of light, lux

The acornman is intended for indoor use only - he is not water resistant.

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