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Oak Kitchen Board - Beautiful

Oak Kitchen Board - Beautiful

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Laser engraving

The board is made of 8 years dried one-piece oak tree. Such a board will withstand all the kitchen tests - both knives and hammers, resistant to moisture and mechanical action. It can also be used for serving, due to its weight, it will steadily hold a glass of wine on the soft sofa.

The boards are 40-45mm thick, around 42cm in length and around 25-30cm wide, weight around 3-4kg.

We offer different treatments:

 - We can impregnate the board with linseed oil (it becomes yellowish, accents wooden fibers and smells pleasant)

- impregnate with mineral oil (wood retains its original color and does not smell) This is suitable if you plan to use a board in a lot and in a wet environment.

- We can soak it with hot beeswax, it will smell after honey and will be pleasant to the touch.

- they can be burned, then a deep black coal tone (this is only used for serving, because turning the top layer quickly wears)

We offer to engrave your slogan / logo / wish, as well as add leather handles in different ways.

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